Chapter Leadership

Thomas McCabe

Chapter President


Rebecca Ko

Executive Vice President


Linda Candela

Vice President of Exam and Chief Steward

I am a graduate of Nichols College and a Certified Public Accountant. I joined the service in January of 1991 as a grade 9 “General Program” Revenue Agent. Prior to that I worked both in public and private accounting. In 2000 when LB&I stood up I stayed in SBSE as a Revenue Agent until 2003 when I crossed over to LB&I. I have been an LB&I Revenue Agent since then. In 2013 I became a Steward in NTEU Chapter 23. In 2015 I was elected to the position of Vice President of Exam and MITS. Today I am also Chief Steward of Chapter 23.

I have seen, and suffered through, a lot over my years here. The Service was much more employee friendly back when I came on board. Employees were treated with more dignity and respect than today. We had better benefits. Today we are under constant emotional barrage and our benefits are being systemically reduced. Today and tomorrow, we need strong leaders in our Union more than ever before. We need to stand up against unfair treatment. We need to fight to keep and IMPROVE our benefits. I am here to join that fight for all of us!

Matthew Curewitz

Vice President of Collections


Jill Regan